Ranney is happy to be part of an amazing dental team at Wisteria Dental Care. As a 2007 graduate of University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery with a Bachelor's of Science degree, Ranney enjoys her career as a Hygienist. She loves to educate and help patients achieve their beautiful and healthier smiles. Ranney loves to go camping, swimming, running, hanging out with friends, family and beloved cats and dogs!! 

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Ranney Choi

Registered Dental Hygienist

Dental Care

Cristina Martin

Office Manager/Patient Coordinator

Cristina has been working in this office since 2011. She is a certified dental assistant, and was first hired as a dental assistant and front desk help. She quickly became efficient with the front and back and took over the office manager position over a year ago. Cristina considers this practice and its patients as part of her family. Born and raised in Germantown, MD, she feels fortunate to love her job and the women she works with. And the feeling is mutual!! Cristina is friendly, professional, attentive to all the patients needs, and will always try her best to go above and beyond to make her patients more comfortable here in the office. In her free time she enjoys reading, traveling and spending quality time with her 3 daughters; Isabella, Julianna, and Kylie! A few words from Cristina: Hi everyone! I just want to thank you for choosing Wisteria Dental Care as you and your family's dental office. Dr. Patel is such a pleasure to work for. Our patients are her priority, and she will always find a way to make you feel comfortable whether its with a pillow and a blanket to keep you warm in the operatory or if its a supportive shoulder to lean or cry on during your dental journey. She will not let you down :-) 


Helping Your smiles stay healthy

‚ÄčWe know there's nothing in the world that gives a parent more joy than seeing a warm smile spread across their child's face.
We want our patients to show the world their best smile - unabashed, confident, and beautiful.
At Wisteria Dental Care, we have the knowledge, the dedication, and the passion to make it happen.

Dr. Hema Patel has been in practice since 2003. She is a graduate of Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda, CA. While working for a non-profit mobile clinic for five years in Missouri, she discovered her love for providing dental care to children and is passionate about educating families, and providing preventive care and treatment in a safe and caring manner to kids of all ages.

She makes her home in Burtonsville, MD with her family. She enjoys painting, making clay miniatures, reading and inventing new ways of keeping her children entertained and out of trouble!

DR. PAtel